About us

In order to love myself fully and unconditionally, I have been practicing spirituality for as long as I can remember. During this beautiful journey I discovered an unsettling truth that there is a large amount of people out there who are not satisfied with themselves, and fail to notice the true wonders and magic of life. Moreover, some days it seems especially difficult to keep a positive mindset due to media’s dramatic and often negative reflection on our society. As a result, in Autumn 2017, I decided to develop a solution and create my own brand Lisette-Maria. Ever since, Lisette-Maria has been designing and manufacturing genuine leather products that DELIVER POSITIVITY. Every single bag and accessory holds a special message that gives the wearer a feeling and reminds them that they are loved. Boosts confidence and courage in women through beautiful, clean leather designs

We use high quality leather from Spain and we finish our bags and purses with durable leather hardware (i.e. hooks, rings, studs, and zippers). The messages are delivered on engraved metallic plates or by blind embossing the text on leather.

With love and joy,
Lisette-Maria Puhalainen
designer/brand founder


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